Imagine that
Being a Prisoner in your own habitat
Spartacus lyrics
Keep rhymes sharper than battleaxe
News-channel politicians try to placate
But we ain’t having that
Society still here
Some still going tit-for-tat
But too many trapped inside their Homes
Wondering where the followers on twitter’s at
The rabbit’s outside of the hat
The magic trick is over
Reality is getting colder
Ignorance is getting bolder
Mass-spamming propaganda
On these social media sites
Man I thought I told ya
To look before you leap
Never “like” until you read
Educate yourself first
before you spoon-feed
Others blinder than you
Set yourself free
From two knees
I beg you to pay heed
Follow your heart so one day you can
Even if you’re not willing to die
Better be ready to bleed
Ready to break through these locks
With these rhymes that I’ve keyed
A wise fool, indeed
Not something fresh and new
Something altogether different
A new breed
And I believe
that no dream is hollow
But people see the white skin and I get more laughs than headliners at the Appollo
My motto
Work hard to live easy
Believe me
“me” is the only thing coming between me
And these things
That keep me calmer
Than tea leaves
These dreams
Have their own wings
Ready to take flight
Higher and wiser than old oak trees
People cheered, when he spoke these
But could give two shits as to why he wrote these
Couple good friends caught the vibes
Every now and again they might quote these
And yet here I am writing to you so that you might hold these
Here’s hopin
You find these words potent
Constructed from scratch with a mindset so devoted
With an ink pen that stays loaded
And a will that’s never folded
Focused, stay on tracks
The Flow stays railroadin
In his own mind, already king like Odin
Sad never more, quote the raven
Quote anquan boldin
Quote langston, emerson, frost, and Poe and
Keep your mind open
Find traction with your words for these slippery slopes and
The indifference that pollutes the heart
To leave you with neck in a rope and
Choking with no breath
Living with no purpose or without beauty
Is simply waiting for death
So I’m living it right now
Pride, love, and hope in the chest
Studied my lessons so I could pass all the tests
Only hold a few friends
Too many can be pests
but the ones that I have
I only show them the best
Not trying to impress
I confess
I enjoy all the applause like all of the rest

Flow sometimes reckless
Like spending paychecks on a necklace
Life can be respect-less
Like a screen writer, whose masterpiece leaves him check-less
Education: collect it
Inject it
See a mistake?
Correct it
Proofread your own work
Inspect it
And don’t neglect it
Have Pride in doing you
Then project it
On the collective
Produce something beautiful
From time spent introspective
Inside of all of us is the potential for happiness
We all have the same power
To look within ourselves and smile
Even outside happy hour
And for the right price
Might drop some advice:
Knowledge leads to more possibilities than rolled dice
I think you better be
I Don’t pick anyone instead of me
Or put others ahead of me
I’m lettin me be the better me
Waves rising up and I let these poems settle me
Crashing on the shores of your mind
Within these words you might find
A message in a bottle
An unknown author transcribed
Patiently waiting on sandy shores
For a message replied

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