Solar Systems

Listless we drift
On a starride to nowhere
But there is beauty in the journey.
Silver linings frame every misstep
Along our chosen path.
So, even our mistakes shine,
Glistening, nigh imperceptible stars
That linger as lessons long after the heat
Of disappointment dissipates.
We oscillate, rotate, and orbit
Around the bright burning stars of love and passion in our own solar systems,
But the gravity from the dying stars,
Our fading memories,
Still drive and affect our orbits.
We are, now, what we were then
AND what we will be later.
The present is simply a fixed point along an unfathomable timeline, a snapshot, a Polaroid.
But in these moments are captured both our desire for future happiness and the sum of our past choices.
Each year brings us back around again to the same position, but not the same place.
We litter the skies with our own stars and determine how brightly our days and nights shine.
So look up, stardust saints, and appreciate your universe.
You made it,
As it made you
Enjoy this starride to nowhere
Trust that nowhere is just somewhere you haven’t been yet
And that nowhere will be somewhere worth exploring

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