Diamonds In The Sky

The moment seems to shatter in all of its infinity.
I realize, now, that we are simply the same substance
in a different state of existence.
Water is not the universal solvent.
Time is the Universal Solvent.
We exist in the flow of time,
no more than a substance to be dissolved.
Time slowly breaks us down and dissolves us.
We break and spread amongst a solution that we, in our way, define.
Yes, time is a collective.
The present is simply an amalgamation of our experience.
Every moment that we have spent, shared, or saved lends itself to every moment unconstructed.
Our decisions are predicated upon our decisions.
Long have we built our highways.
Past and Present, folded upon themselves to create a fragment of time that we carry with us forever.
What hopeful euphemism!
Too long have we spent trying to grasp or anchor ourselves to a particular moment,
a particular flow,
when our dispersion into time itself has already dictated our role in THE collective consciousness.
As the solvent(time) breaks us down, our originality and our demeanor are subjected to the ebb and flow of our emotions.
Time threatens to cut cookies of us all. Time, if left ungrasped will fuel regret instead of reflection.
This, we cannot allow.
Moments are to be molded.
Time is to be utilized, not endured.
Now is not the time for waiting, but the time for crafting time.
We slowly drip ourselves into the pool of consciousness,
Be content to ripple into larger, future waves.

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