Lost Love

What a wonder is this lost love

Lessons learned

Improvement seen

Clarity earned.

And yet

Still do these waning embers burn.

Too far gone

For new hellos

This love no longer shines

But surely glows

The fire subsides

But then it grows

Only to disappear

Where does it go?

We are left with burnt and burning wood

Scarred reminders of something good

Hello dies on tongues

We question if we should

Crippled, then, not knowing if we could

Though something inside knows we surely would

The closest souls end up so far away

Lovers dance like moth and flame.

Left thinking then, of that which for you yearn

Is wishing to love

Wishing to burn?

Love and pain do surely blend

For it is pain, that lost love portends.

Addicted to the flame that shines before it ends

Remaining unafraid to love again.

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