All Day


Beams of energy

Enter me


I Soak up Positivity



Lips lifting with love


Consciousness reaching above


Sometimes you get what you want

when you stop trying to rewind shit

For instance

I love you like a run-on sentence

No need to conform to punctuation

I just need this diction

Syntax is overrated

Not to mention

I might leave something out

I want nothing missing

Don’t want to go back and edit

Nothing their that needs dismissin


I could make you a listful

Of things about you

That make life blissful

Thinking of you

is always wishful

I guess what I’m trying to say

Is that I always miss you

No denying this heart’s longing

Giving you nothing but right

To make up for past wrongings

Wanna see some live music

Favorite bands doing their songings

While I’m holding you close

dancing along, see

You are more than the music

You are more than the dance

You are a new kind of magic

You are what has me entranced.

Sun setting

Getting late in the day

Been thinking for hours

Of the right thing to say

When I finally see your face

Home is wherever you are

YOU are my favorite place

And I give you your space

Flowers need room to grow

Getting better, myself,

But the progress is slow

I just want you to know

After I hit the sheets

You still make my day complete

You are a beautiful dream

That stays stuck on repeat

I stay thinking of you

Don’t know what to do

They say nothing is perfect

I say they haven’t met you

So come home to my arms

Get wrapped up inside

Let’s make love happen

When our spirits collide

Speak words with your hips

And give me your lips

The journey to your heart

Is my favorite trip


Lying awake by your side

Enjoying the ride

Finally content

Feelings no longer having to hide

It feels good to be honest

Feels good to be true

Feels good to be happy

Said goodbye to the blues

Nowadays a winner

You’re the only thing I can’t lose

I endeavor to start tomorrow by making you happy

However you choose

I can finally sleep

Breaths begin to get deep

Seeds safely sewn

Benefits being reaped

Love is taking a chance

I’m glad that I took the leap

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