My Friend

Oooh she said it again

Hear the nails scratching on the chalkboard again.

Hands extend

She says


Damn, can’t play pretend?

“I’ll sleep upstairs

Your room’s on the end”

Here it goes again

The suggestion is

We don’t begin.

What’s left?

The end?

I need some




About ears we lent

Time we spent

What happened




Poems written so


Has me


Should I quit?

Nah man,

Be honest…

Would YOU let

Go of potential perfection?

Let go of a new compass

That finally gave you direction?

Let go of the salve

That soothed your heart’s stressin?

Let go of the teacher

Who taught you those valuable lessons?

Get that shit off my chest

Like weights and bench pressin

No room for half-steppin

No excuses

Or second guessin.

Just give what you’ve got

And then get more to give

Invest in your life

And the people

Who keep you excited to live.

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