A Better Man?

Are your habits of today

On par with your dreams for tomorrow?

Build better bridges

Or sink in seas of sorrow,

Or in raging rivers of regret.

What you see is what you get

You’ve got dreams to remember

(Otis Redding)

Or did you forget?

See I’m not without my imperfections or my demons

But I’m smart and tough enough to shake them.

Lose my focus long enough to fuel bad habits.

But I’ve got the will to break them.

Opportunities all around,

Finally gonna take them.

Path to success: undertaken.

Been hitting “snooze” like it’s my job,

But now it’s time to awaken.

Build a little momentum

And ride this train across my chosen tracks.

Only eyes for my better tomorrow

I’m done with what’s in back.

I’ll take my lessons surely

Wisdom, money, success will start to stack.

I’m done with playing defense

So I’ll happily attack.

I stand a man, complete.

Same parts as those days before

But a brain, a spirit

And a belief

That I’m meant for something more.

Not talking about hope or desire

But a knowledge in my core

Kept hidden under blackness

That came with those drinks I poured.

See something else has changed me

I’ve actually seen love.

And no, it’s not a magic potion

Or some angel from above.

Love lives in kindness,

Lives in patience,

And understands that a soul can change

Love lives through all the headaches that come along when priorities rearrange.

See I found love in one of my favorite faces

By her side is one of my favorite places

And even as we move past those romantic phases

I’ll always love her for how she soothed this heart’s malaises.

See sometimes, all you need is a shoulder.

Perspective erodes stress

Makes pebbles of your boulders.

In the highest esteem

Is where I’ll forever hold her.

And I’m unashamedly in love

And I’m still glad that I told her.

Because I’ve made a million mistakes

Even treated her like shit during a drunken blur

But I’ve never once regretted

taking a chance to fall in love with her.

What a wonderful life

So full of experience

Breath slows, shoulders ease

As I embrace, wholeheartedly, this next period.

Talks with a great friend

Have made it easy to see

That it’s not about being a better man

It’s just about being the best ME.

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