A Girl I Never Had

I think about her daily

The thought it seems to stay

So I write a poem or a letter

To think of what to say

But I hit send

Time and again

And each time she pulls away

Guess it’s all too much

Or I offer much too little

I just want my friend back

But instead, connections dwindle

Try to fix the fiber

But I am a sorry spindle

Idle hands are devils’ toys

So my thumbs, in texts, they twiddle

You might call me Malcolm

Cuz I’m stuck in the middle

Between friendship, Love, and lust

And my patience has grown brittle

We each move forward, stalwart

But in our own directions

Best to say goodbye before

This wound becomes infected

Latched on her words she told me

Had me convinced we were connected

Thought maybe she was right

And I was the one

The “red string of fate” selected

Instead first kisses dissipate

And advances are rejected

She stayed on course

While I fell behind, dejected

But I picked it up

With a renewed purpose

That has shown me who I am

I tried my best, and so I smile

Doing my best is all I can

I throw my guitar in my back seat

To teach my fingers their new tricks

Already feel a Rolling Stone

Taken my “40 licks”

She is worth all the stress, to be honest

So there’s no reason to be sad

The only thing I really lost is a girl I never had.

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