Sun’s Beam

Indescribable, her scent

Her taste

Senses melt around her

The sound of her voice

The feel of her skin

Heart happy that it found her.

Her legs, like rivers

Flowing up her frame

To be deposited at her hips

Those welcome waters do so invite

My hands which move as ships.

Their charted course

One not known before

Create a path for me to find her form

Until lips are tasting lips.

Sweet sugar, hers

And sweet release

As lovers dine on lustful sweets.

Skin touching skin

From heads to feet

Pleasure, passion

Rinse, repeat

Tho she’s right there

Still do I dream

That things are just as good

as they now seem

If it grows dark

She’d be sun’s beam.

Showing me what I forgot I’ve seen.

Such great affection grows

In but a short known while

She gave me back what I had lost

She gave back my smile

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