Her skin soothed me

It was softer than the lightest dripping

Of rainfall

How it rolled over my dry skin,

Nourishing, invigorating my spirit

Oh what warm affection

How it reminded this cold heart to feel.

Something in her smile begs me to respond in kind.

It’s an energy that mine responds to

One that encourages more exploration

With each passing day





Holding on to this rarest of treasures whose value

Can’t be known or traded for flimsily folded green paper

No, this treasure was beyond tangible, further than physical

What intrigue, in those upturned lips

What tastes, sublime, shared with a single kiss

Nothing known before compares to this

A smile, when shared with her, such simple bliss.

And still I seek her waters.

Though at times, I feel so far.

But distance is just an obstacle

To the four wheels of a car.

And when I’m lost at night

She could be my northern star

Each day’s procession

Sees her raise the bar.

So kind,

Her heart,

That I’m left feeling warm

She’s sunlight’s beam

To my swelling storm.

And when time is right,

And I come again to find her form

That she’ll know these words and smiles

Are true

And she will rest assured.

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