They ask me how I’m living

I say with sobriety

And clarity

Friends scoff with looks, disparaging

Clinking glasses like they’re daring me

Focus tamed the vices that were formerly impairing me

Words and actions I am marrying

Producing change

Before binge-drinking leads to an early burying.

Loving a lighter life

Unburdened by a lifestyle I was carrying

Positivity is ferrying

Me to the other side

To the other shore

Got fed up with all the extra “less”

So I’m going after all the “more”

Not stressing all the unknowns,

All the adventures left in store,

Trust AND enjoy the process

Beyond expectations will I soar

I define my own success

Constraints have lost their meaning

I’m governing my own joy with love

As I welcome myself to feeling.

My Love I’m no longer concealing

Only have one lap around this life

So my true self I am revealing.

Honesty and Expression

Finally learned my lesson

I can’t be everything to anybody

It only leads to stressing

Unrealistic expectations

Parade themselves as needs

I’ve been down the wrong path with the right person

I’ve seen to where it leads.

People lead their own lives

They exercise their wills

Then collaborate when time allows

Occasionally voids are filled.

Push too hard

You push away

Hold too tight

Things slip away.

Whether goals or people

Whether love or lust

Respect yourself

And give your trust

Cuz when you fall in life

Or fall in love, then fall out

You fall back to “yourself”

So give it clout


It’s what life’s all about

So you can be ever fertile

Despite the times of drought

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