Keep Climbing

Sweet, nourishing affection

Is meted out by the lips of familiar lovers.

soft words followed by sultry kisses

Words and actions blend together warmly

As two lovers experience the same old feelings in new young ways.

How lucky we are to know love!

How lucky we are to know life!

And what true joy is known when you live a life of love

And you love the life you live

Love is taking chances

Love is learning to forgive

Verily do we lead our own selves into the fogs and mists of uncertainty

Fear would hope to cripple us and leave us listless

Wrapped up, consumed, as our desire to remain unhurt outweighs our desire to be happy

Love, then, is light

Shining in darkness


It is the nigh imperceptible shine in a blind pattern of routine.

We live to love

And so does love rule our decisions!

What is love, but the driving force that which governs our very soul?

Without love could there be art?

Without love could there be music?

Without love could there be happiness?

Oh how visceral an experiment

This endeavor to love.

The warmest kind of hope

And the coldest kind of solitude

The intensity of FEELING reminds us of our reality

Sexual choreography matched by a melding of minds

Reminds us that we are mortal

That we are to share this experience of love and life

To ensure that we protect, preserve, and perpetuate love and life

Passion pursues pleasure

Our fleeting dalliances with pleasure pale in comparison

When juxtaposed with the fires that burn within us for others happiness

Procrastination is the thief of time

And too long have we waited to embrace honest communication

Too long have we waited to embrace unhindered connection

Too long have we waited looking for love instead of making it.

We are simply the wood in which the flames of love are made

We are the genesis of compassion and empathy

We are the beginning of understanding

We are the end of hate.

Burn Bright, lovers and loved

Never fade

For even our cinders of lost love can provide warmth

Constantly do we grow and develop.

Constantly do we add more wood to our flames.

As does our flame grow

So, too, do we.

Burn on

Sweet stardust saints

Amorous Angels

May your flames forever climb.

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