Chocolate, candy, and cards

Poems, stanzas, and bars

Near or far

Plane tickets

Or road trips in cars

I guess women are from Venus

And men are from Mars.

Now, I know this adult living is hard

Made harder still

When you share, with others, your heart

Wounded, the body bleeds, then it scars.

So, people stop living free

So they can start living smart

Nah, I’m good

I’ll shoot for the stars

Cuz pain stops after it starts

So I’m ready for love

However it happens

Whether its soft like a whisper

Or violent like waves crashing

Bring it all to me

Bring me the hurt and the pain

Bring me the elation, the joy

Bring me the prettiest picture

Bring me the prettiest frame

Cuz I’m looking at forever

But I’m here in the today

So if you believe what they say

That love is a game?

Then I’m ready to go

Put me in, I’m ready to play

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