Public Education

Couped up in a room

Clock is tickin

Staring down at a test paper

But nothing is written

So much to say

But there’s nobody to listen

They say knowledge sets you free

How come school feels like a prison?

Standardized testing

Marginalizing our children

Perpetuating mindsets

Instead of changing conditions

So confidence erodes

“Bad” scores met with derision

So kids find school a personal hell

And then turn down a road to perdition

Good hearted souls think to teach

In fact, some make it their life’s mission

But get lost in the data

Don’t see the brilliance they’re missin

So many well-meaning minds Change from

Role Model to statistician

I’m of the mind we change tune

Like our favorite musicians

Because the state is underfunded

But it’s asking for more

Not enough teachers in classrooms

And we are perplexed by low scores?

I see the disadvantage

It makes my heart bleed

“Graduation rates higher than ever”

Kids can have a diploma, but can’t read

“Keep pushing them through…”

“You teachers can change lives…”

Well maybe we could

If we didn’t define kids on scores out of 5

Or kick them out of school

Each time they stepped out of line

Stealing opportunities from

The kids who need extra time

Soul starting to smolder

But I’m only one man

So I set soul on fire

And find friends who will fan

See, fire is cleansing

As it cuts through the waste and the brush

So I’ll burn bright to see change

Or die content; reduced to ashes and dust

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