I’m on the path back up

What you might call revamped

No money to my name

But I fight and fuck like a champ

Keep to myself

But I have more to say

Than outgoing letters with two stamps

Get it?

Like a run on sentence,

I pine for the girl who, each day, grows


But still do I hold hope

That things could change in an instant

And while People call me inconsistent

I resign to it like truth


At the same time

I consider: What if I’m the only one who


Cuz, see, I’m me all the time

Whether penning letters or rhymes

I say what I feel, when I feel it

And I guess that’s a crime

I’d rather ride waves

Than simply stay stuck in the middle

Life is a riddle

And I admit I don’t have a clue

Learn as I go

Finding females who glow

With my favorite hues

Plucking my strings

Singing my blues

Unburdened by the malaise

That came with drinking all of the booze

I’m something you don’t see

Like ugly people broadcasting the news

Comfortable in the crowds

But i struggle with the me’s and the you’s

Learning to navigate through

All the cultural milieus

Walking a tough road

But I’ve found comfortable shoes

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