As Conversations dwindle

Couples feel the stress of Reciprocity

Check the phrasing, watch your tone

Or see the salience of prosody

What we emphasize,


Is changing constantly

The world moves so fast


You can’t possibly

Know everything there is to know,

Go everywhere there is to go,


As a favorite band muses,

You have to “surrender to the flow”

I feel myself sometimes

Like “this poem is a banger, yo!”

Take a peek into my journal

That’ll show you where the anger goes

Dying embers of muses that I chose

Tho I suppose…

Can’t help but to love this world that keeps on turning me

Can’t help but to feel and to embrace

This passion that is burning me

Poetry is the antidote for this poison called modernity


The allure of technology is infectious

If not for unforeseen side effects that have us

Alienated from our neighbors

From devices that connect us

I was a foolish man

Still am

Thinking it’s only Love that can protect us

But I too often see only fear

A lingering reminder of those who left us

Not risking regret returning

To unknown and unnamed lovers who might reject us

Or open up too much too fast

For better people to inspect us

Judge us,

Know us,

Then not respect us…

So instead people regrettably retreat inside

To die a death, so vicious

That they never should have died

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