Closing Time

We are our choices

And the choices of those who made us

Exalting human agency

When self-control is on hiatus.

Sometimes I want so much

That It feels outrageous

Especially when the speed of life

Threatens to outpace us

Modern technology

Threatens to displace us

While we reach to the internet for companionship

That alienates us

To the tune of likes

That elate us


That berate us


That castrates us

Fear-based politics

That manipulate us

And regurgitated, bland journalism

That constipates us

Keeping up with the joneses

Our own friends hate us

Partners in crime, once upon a time,

Can’t wait to point fingers and implicate us

Welcome to 2018

It’s getting harder to breathe

The more I sit and think

The more I sit and seethe

So I look for reprieve

Intertwined in the fine fibers of bedsheets

Chasing fleeting distractions

With each footfall of these fast feet

Lost the only race I wanted to win

Dropped out of the track meet

Vision of visions, viewing her visage

Deceived by desire

Manipulated by a mirage

Of my own making…

Copious, appreciated moments in the wake

Of that undertaking

Unmoved for years

And she had me quaking

Couldn’t help but be moved

And if I’m telling the truth

If she wanted to ring the bell

I’d be back for round 2

But two people, each individual

Have to do what they do

Can’t have one eye on the future

When you remember your dreams that take two

Nothing is really over

Nobody is really gone

So I guess like Tribe

I’ll keep going on and on and on and on and on and on and…

Keep making my letters

Keep crafting my words

Keep getting better

Keep sharpening swords

When it’s all said and done

Death, Armageddon

Or the explosion of our sun

I wanna look down from up high, smiling

Saying “Damn, That Was Fun”

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