My Wilted Rose

My Wilted Rose

You still sit in your vase

Upon the table

Should have discarded you

Months ago

But I find myself unable

My mind remembers petals so crimson

Olfactory still inspired by your scent

You were truly my favorite muse

Beauty in each moment spent

But I neglected you

Took you for granted

Forgot to to give you water

Smothered, stem was slanted.

No life left in your flower

I wasted it all

So I sit and watch the days pass

As every petal falls

Knowing that I killed your glow

My own flower

Is why I want to save you

And the memory of how bright you shined

Is why I can’t bring myself to just replace you

Would that I could

I’d breathe new life

And give you an affection that was stable

Until then I’ll just stare at a withered rose

That I can’t remove from atop my table

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