From 9 To 5

Monday, wish you could see what I’ve seen

Gold buttons accentuated

A shirt so exquisitely green

Tuesday, waiting for time to pass

She shot me whimsical looks

Through exposed windows of glass

Wednesday, we spoke about orangutans and giraffes

Smile on our faces as storyboards we did craft

Thursday: the morning was short-staffed

Missing one of our team

Her absence was felt, off “living the Dream”

Friday: forget it, I haven’t even seen her

But she’s so OutKast

Nobody so fresh and so cleaner

She is the reason for the expression

The “grass is greener”

Cuz nobody compares

It’s not fair

Truly something to behold

But I can’t stop and stare

I’m moved to action

I gotta talk and share

You see love is a verb

It exists in expression

Just waiting for her, an educator,

To share her next lesson

You see, with her, it doesn’t matter the day

Always some reason to appreciate her

Always a reason for the smiles to stay

Understanding, peace, love, and Light are things that I perennially seek

Thing is, I know where to find them every day of the week.

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