Born End Of January

Destined Aquarius

Formerly a person described as nefarious

Hard heart softened up

Recently described as gregarious

To me it’s hilarious

Ambivalent friends like my rhymes

Faces and motives are various

They can smile and lie to your face

Misplaced trust is the scariest

Younger days used to think it was Love that could carry us


Too Much can bury us

All The while

Hoping that a little understanding can ferry us

Over these rivers

Winding and flowing so dangerously

Too many try to test unknown waters

Too hastily


Even Lazily

Trying to change the approach

Get away from these demons that’s chasing me

Stick to the program so faithfully

To get the most out of this gift which has spent too much time in its latency

Crafting these rhymes tastefully

To keep these dreams from outpacing me

Success will come when I’m ready

It doesn’t seem like a race to me

Ready to cross these waters facing me

Strong in conviction so that the obstacles are no longer displacing me

I’m standing the tallest

Breathing the fresh air

Best thing I ever did for myself

Was admit that I cared

What’s in a moment if it isn’t a moment to share?

What’s a delivery without some additional flare?

I’m so close like I’m right there.

Out of life-lines

Final answer like Millionaire.

Shock and awe

Like stop and Stare

Stuck in the same place

Like no gas

No Cab Fare

Then I quit making excuses

No longer suspended

Getting my head out of the nooses

Leaving the negative in the past

Like Throwing up Deuces

The path afforded to him is the path that him chooses

Opportunity before opportunity

Nobody Loses

A Fool Confuses

Failure with misdirection

Dire Misconception

Gotta Stay going in hard like erections

Perusing Potential Pathways

In the pursuit of Perfection

Though sometimes I think I’d trade it all for just a little affection


Success is just a matter of small corrections

Slight changes in inflection

Self-Pride projection

Honesty and Openness

Much better protection

Than building up walls

And staying scared of rejection

Bad decisions are gonna happen

Trust Me

I’ve got a collection

But you can’t stop

The future still beckons

Even when it gets awkward

Like couples publicly neckin

Poetry stays in the brain

Sick Rhymes like infection

And that’s what I’m talking today

Secret out in the open

No Sense in keeping it locked away

Rhyme Book’s stocked to stay

Talent Rare

Like the red middle of your Filet

Is it ok that I’m ok

When I say what I say to say

That I’m on my way?


Am I too brash?

I mean, I’m no Kan-ye

But when it comes to my passion

Man, I do not play

Lyrics, rhymes, and lines

When I “Daydream”, like Lupe

But Hey

Poems turn the world upside down

Like Hand Stand

Universal Language

Something for the Whole Fam

Lines holding more wisdom than

Drinks with your old man

Content changing focus quicker than slam bam

Thank you sweety

But not to misquote Tweety

I thought I saw some women that

Needed some

Tickling Teasing

And now that the body’s healing

Finally been back to

Pleasuring Pleasin

Switching positions

Like we changing the seasons

Chasing these girls for no reason

Love em and Leave em

If I can’t have what I want

Urges still need appeasing

Instinct Feeding

Need to make love like

Written words needing reading

Like Advice needs heeding

Like wounds need bleeding

Pretending I don’t care

Who Am I Deceiving?

Hard to walk away being weak in the knees, kid

So long I’m leaving

It’s like saying goodbye to oxygen

But the lungs are still breathing

Chest heaving and brain reeling


Hot blooded heart in this cold world

Leaving me baffled

Trying to find the best words

I’m not talking bout Scrabble

Babbling like brooks and girls drinking sloppily

Two Confused Lovers

Of which I am the progeny

Something you don’t understand

Can’t figure out

Like androgyny

It bothers me

How about a little Honesty

Cuz Honestly,

I’m tired of being let down by what other people promise me

Deaf ears to cell phones

I’m tired of people gossiping

Happiness first the new policy

So these lyrical skills I am polishing

It’s astonishing

That I’m still staying afloat

Braving the Waves

Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

I’ve had so close shaves

But I fought through the fear

I Learned how to be brave

Realized there is light at the end of this tunnel

Formerly trapped in a cave

Save what you can

Don’t conform to behave

Blind obedience is the evil that society craves

Limiting one man’s freedom

Makes all of us slaves


What do you say?

Let’s start living today

Everything is going to be ok

If we approach the obstacles in the right way

Once more, now

Stepping into the Fray

Ink-Painted pages platforms for my poems to play

Perform and convey

All The Thoughts and emotions

From my recent forays

Into areas where conscious thought’s staying clouded

Smile on my face

People say that they doubt it

Then ask me how I feel about it

Told em I didn’t give a rat’s ass or two fucks about it

Not Half a thought or even an “aw shucks” about it

Too many people distracted by what doesn’t matter

Caught up trying to face-lift and tummy tuck around it

Tell em who I am,

Tell em that I finally found it

And Tell them that i’m proud about it

Stand Up and Shout about it

Mind a Little Twisted

Gonna smile instead of pout about it

Put these words down on paper that I found off the top of the dome

Loving the opportunities presented by the unknown

Star shining brighter now

Than it ever has shown

From now till tombstones

Never will I ever find myself all alone


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