Another Sunrise

I hoped you were the one

You were JUST the prototype

OutKast lyrics

Keeping me awake at night

Girl you know you hella right

And will ruin every memory of every

Woman who came before alright

I guess that makes you the standard

Or is it just standard?

Or is it basic?

Is it dishonest?

Is it tasteless?

Is it well-formed?

Or is it shapeless?


Nobody knows the truth

Tried to get inside the mind

But nobody knows the You

That exists beneath it all

I fell in love with someone

Or did I fall in love with nobody at all?

Far too tough a call

Heart paused, beating stalled

Discarded me with disrespect

Your nonchalance left me appalled

Your attitude was uncalled

Forlorn and emotional

I flirt with being anti social

Well past the point of daily devotionals

But I woke up to the simplest of facts

I’m here, I’m back

First time in the longest

Mind on the right track

Getting right past all the hypocrisy

Negativity off of me

Smile on my face

And that’s how it ought to be

From here on, that’s how it’s got to be

Positive vibrations

Here comes another sunrise

Opportunity beckons, disguised

As a lovers’ demise

Instead, unshackled, a singular focus

Eyes on the prize

Out of her stormy weather

Into the bluest of blue skies

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