Beautiful Daydream

Nowadays stuck

In a beautiful daydream

Caught fading to black

Coffee with no cream

Just a milk-carton kid only trying to be seen

More than meets the eyeball

More than cover of a magazine

Flip the pages from beginning to end,

The story is in between

Whether scene by scene

Or panel by panel

Giving you something brand new

Like changing the channel


Too much to handle

Flickering wick on a candle

Losing my footing

Broken strap on a sandal

Falling face down

What caught me was you

See her time and again like deja vu

Got me sippin witch’s brew

Wondering if my feelings are true

Infatuated with infatuation

Waiting on clues

Wandering through these waves

On a lyrical cruise

Heart taken a shot

All she left was a bruise

You snooze you loose


Past life caught passing the booze

Precursor to blues

Modern day moderation

Happier than a diva with new shoes


I use words to work tension

Massage parlor with the happiest ending

Espousing this

Bumper sticker wisdom

One man’s freedom is another man’s prison


Live simply so others can simply live

Cuz you won’t be remembered by what you have

You’ll be remembered for what you give

Better not to forget

If you can learn how to forgive

Acceptance is the key to self-esteem

No false platitudes

Accept success and people from all longitudes and latitudes

Remember “attitude over aptitude will take you to higher altitudes”

Random acts of kindness will bring you sincere gratitude

Up up and away

To infinity and beyond

Even if my love stops

My heart will go on

Celine Dion

Until it finds home, and success

Enough to put my team on

In the meantime call the sandman

I’m content to keep my dream on

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