Women are the sun of my imagination

So I stay Slave to feminine charm

Looking for emancipation

Kisses and whispers

Delicate and ethereal

Writers’ block pops up

So I stay

Whoring myself out for more material

Falling in love like it’s habit

Predictable, repetitive, serial

Exchanging, swapping biomaterial

Eliciting stanzas, rhymes, and lines so venereal

It’s not what I thought it’d be

I know it’s not what it ought to be

“Addicted to love”

Is the wrong direction like sodomy

Keep the skin warm

But the heart will grow cold

By all means feed your body

Just be sure you don’t starve your soul

Guess that’s all part of growth

Used to feel the pain of hunger

Deep down in my bones

Didn’t know what I didn’t know

Avenues I wasn’t shown

Look through the darkness

To find light that has always shone

Bask in your own warmth

That’s how living things will get grown

Grown people skills

But not grown people money

Moved home to help mom

People look at me funny

Meanwhile credit score shooting through the roof

You might not find value in securing a future

But I find value in trurh

Credit score an A now

So I don’t give a F

Consolidate my present

Expanding is what’s next

Muscles starting to flex

Transmuting the stress

Amateur at time management

But I’m a Pro at Pro-gress


Is my new girl in the red dress

I am the light of my life

Finally found, so blessed

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