The rain beats down on my face as I look toward the sky,

Eyes searching,

Always searching for some kind of sign.

Some hidden inspiration I expect to find

Behind the rain that soaks my eyes.

Behind the clouds that carry life

I expect to see an answer

Though I’m only blind.

thunder has always drowned out this storming mind

its mighty bellow demanding my attention.

And, rain has always cooled me off

Despite its oft annoying touch

it teaches me not to hold in too much.

sweet release, those falling drops

ease the load of those heavy-hearted clouds.

You can learn a lot from nature

By simply learning to let go.

Why can’t I simply let it go as would a cloud?

Why do I hold on to all of these tears?

My mind is heavy and grey

Saturated with the reality of the loss of something that was never

truly mine

To those clouds I look for that answer,

An answer for this call.

Release is oh so hard to come by

For tears do not fall so readily as rain.

And they sear instead of cool

Track marks down the cheeks betray the smiling face of the one

who plays the fool

So the eyes stay pointed up, until tears pool,

Never flowing past the rim.

With a bit of help from the clouds and rain, perhaps they’d empty

once again.

Eyes too heavy under the weight of tears

And mine grow number from counting the years

Perhaps, like rain, these tears will fall to the earth and produce

something with beauty

Until then eyes stay pointed up into the storming skies

Always searching for some kind of sign



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