This rhyme is named Herschel

Same name as an Uber driver

But this isn’t about him

It’s about a time

I never felt more aliver

Inspired me to spit

Rhymes that drip Sans saliva

Stay plugged in to our music

Edgar Wright: Baby Driver

Lyrical thrusts bust through at full throttle

Beer cans and beer bottles

Bikini bottoms on beach babes

who could pass as models

So much excitement in store

Chillin on Paddle boards

Out Getting more ‘more’

“Comfortably Numb” to the negative

Like guitar solos by David Gilmour

Bet you “Wish you were here” with us on this dance floor

Rhythm and Vine

We twist and we grind

Limbo lined and got High

Then left the bar to keep livin

You should give it a try

This shit was unreal

Made this heart feel

Soul soothed

By a Smooth salve

Soft, like I was dipped in chamomile

Eyes wide open,

The opposite of how Stevie feel

Signed, sealed and sent it

Classic, like 8 millimeter reel

Glad I made the trip back

To one of my favorite habitats

Friends who are family

Keep grass greener

Than the fields where farmers graze their cattle at

Gold like Chet faker

Or Neil young after the rush

Good times and good friends go together like paint, painter, and

paint brush

Distance and time pass


Ne-ver out of touch

Laughs, love, friends, pier swims

Sands, and exposed skin

Tier One Lady, Four Tier One Guys

Deep dives, wisp clouds, Lucy’s diamonded skies

All the wonderful things life brings

On the back ends of Herschel’s Uber Drives

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