Alphabet Soup

Your Anger cannot Alter me

Your Barbs cannot Break me

Your Contempt cannot Cage me

Your Denial cannot Deter me

Your Evil cannot End me

Your Falsity cannot Fatigue me

Your Guile cannot Grate me

Your Hate cannot Halt me

Your Ire cannot Injure me

Your Jabs cannot Jail me

Your Knives cannot Kill me

Your Lashes cannot Lacerate me

Your Malice cannot Manipulate me

Your Naivety cannot Negate me

Your Obtuseness cannot Obscure me

Your Pettiness cannot Persuade me

Your Quips cannot Quell me

Your Rhetoric cannot Repel me

Your Salaciousness cannot Scald me

Your Temper cannot Tame me

Your Undermining cannot Undo me

Your Vulgarity cannot Vex me

Your Wretchedness cannot Wither me

Your eXcrement cannot eXile me

Your Yammering cannot make me Yield

My Zeal is my Zen


I’m balanced

I’m collected

I’m delighted

I’m eclectic

I’m fantastic

I’m Great

I’m Happy

I’m Indescribable

I’m Jolly

I’m Kind

I’m Lighthearted

I’m Magnificent

I’m Noteworthy

I’m Original

I’m Poetic

I’m Quintessential

I’m Rare

I’m Superlative

I’m Tremendous

I’m Undaunted

I’m Vivacious

I’m Wonderful

I’m eXemplary

I’m Youthful

I’m Zealous

You see from A to Z

I’m simply me

So even if I’m second place, I’m glad to B

Simply me

Me simply

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