Sometimes, I just find myself sittin

Combing through the lyrics of this music to which I listen

Wondering, looking back

Reading all the words that I have written:

Can you find repentance in a sentence?

Or forgiveness in a paragraph?

Can you divorce the devil?

Tried to, but still I gave him half

Do the math

Two sides to every story

The bad ones are more fun

And the good ones always bore me

Funny, like my love life’s allegory

The girls who do bad are generally the girls for me

Always stuck in the same Maize, so corny

Rhinoceros, so horny

Way out, Rick and Morty

Serially single, probably will be when I’m forty

Priorities need sorting

Or maybe I just need to find better dimes for courting

I’m looking for some love

I’m looking for some romance

Sometimes I wanna fuck

Other times, I’m content to just dance

I’m the love they call rough

Won’t be governed by what’s in your pants

Is your love big enough?

Won’t know if you’re afraid to take a real chance

Nowadays, separated with the word “can’t”

Positivity, the new slant


falling in love, again, with me,

I’m building my own Brand.

Not commercially successful, like I’m Jor-Dan

But I’m above average,

that is to say I’m More Than

Soaking up the Sun these days,

Guess You Could Say I’m More Tan

Flying High, smiling wide

And I’m refusing to Land

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