Wonderful ASS

Smiling at me

Eyes greener than cASSh

Making me blush

And I’m hardly bASShful

Taking it easy

Smiling with her is never a hASSle

Heart graduated

She’s the one that flipped the tASSle

Inspired every day

By he depths of her compASSion

Staying hungry for more her

Like a Muslim that’s fASStin

Feeling her on my skin

Like speakers that’s blASStin

She’s making the grade

Like some papers that’s pASSed in

If I was the fire

She’d be the gASS

One burning hot enough

To illuminate dreams darkened by the pASSt

She’s a constant reminder

To keep to the tASSk

She gets me drunker than whiskey

And her lips are a far more preferable flASSk

She answers questions

That I don’t even ASSk

If she’s taking my breath away

Then I’m content to just gASSp

If she’s holding my hand

Then I’m content with my grASSp

So believe me when I say

She has a beautiful ASS

I’m just tryin to be honest

Wouldn’t think to be crASS

I’m just saying it made an impression

And it’s one that will lASSt

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