Sometimes well thought out

Like a Danny ocean caper

Sometimes crazy

A mad man like don draper

Sometimes I speak LOUD

Other times not trying to be seen

Seems like we lose out on living color

Preferring to take long looks

Into the spectrums of phone screens

Life could be simple

We simply won’t let it

Prefer to complain and place blame

On other people

For all the reasons that we “couldn’t”

Go out and get it

So I guess I’m here now

With goals to move toward

Only thing “less” is the excuse total

I’m looking for more “more”

Muscles fail

And they’ll stay sore

But you can’t be content to quit

Cuz you gotta learn to hate quit

With every once of your core


Doubt killed more dreams than failure ever could hope


Success follows failure, then doubt goes up in smoke


Don’t think about and doubt change

Go out and live it

Instead of thinking that something can’t work, or is broke

Simply find ways to fix it

It’s all about growth

This life that we’re living

And it’s all about hope

These words that I’ve written

So write the word FUCK

And Make copies for givin

And make good use of your frame and your wheels

That is to say

Just Stay Driven

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